Q: Do I need water or an iron to adhere STiKidotz?

A: No! No water or iron required. Just peel, stick and play!


Q: Is STiKidotz safe?

A: Yes. STiKidotz™ base is made out of food safe silicone material and adhesive in compliance with ASTM F963 and D4236 child safety standard.  


Q: How many times can STiKidotz repositioned ?

A: You can restick and reposition STiKidotz™ as long as you avoid collecting dust on the sticky surface. You cannot use water to wash the adhesive surface as it will loose the adhesive strength.


Q: What is the best surface that STiKidotz work best ?

A:  STiKidotz™ works best on smooth surface such as windows, car bumper, acrylic , mirror, metal, aluminum, plastic, wood, cardboard, wall and other non oil based or rough surfaces.


Q: Will STiKidotz leave any residue ?

A: When you remove STiKidotz™ pad from any surface, it will not leave any residue.


Q: Where can I find ideas for design that I can create with STiKidotz ?

A: Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see new STiKidotz™ design ideas! You can also subscribe to our weekly newsletter to provide new project ideas and new products.


 Q: Will you offer more dotzBLOK colors in the future?
A: Yes! We hope to be able to to offer many more colors in the future with full funding.